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Fiona Chipperfield - Artist's Statement
For many years I have been interested in the representation of females in art
and how that interacts with, or perhaps reflects, society's perception of women.
While there have been social changes in recent times, I believe that women
are still all too readily pigeonholed by society into convenient 'types.' It seems to
me that woman have been variously portrayed as mothers or symbols of fertility,
as sometimes weak and in need of care, as sexual predators, as icons of beauty
without any real substance, or as  power dressing 'ballbreakers.'
Voyeur, 2020
Series of 3 drawings ink on paper. Sold.
Elements: Water, 2020
Ink, watercolour with gold leaf on paper. Sold
Elements: Air, 2020
Ink, watercolour with gold leaf on paper. Sold