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The Naughty See Monkey, Artist.

The Naughty See MonkeyExhibition: Fractals, March 5 to April 4

“In an era where a lot of twaddle is talked about art, naughty’s work simply delights the eye and stimulates the imagination. They are pure visual art. Each work is a world in microcosm, where imaginative shapes, figures and animals are viewed through a sort of kaleidoscope that tumbles them together so that each viewer sees different things, different stories and meanings.

Many feel like painted mosaics; the figures are broken into fractal pieces that are frozen within the canvas, and yet still move, dance and tumble in play. Some works are dense and complex, with layers of shapes that feel like several paintings pressed into one. Others are more spatial and open, with simple blocks of richly textured colours and marks that seem to represent scenes and events, but remain teasingly ambiguous. Many of naughty’s works feel like a single still frame cut from a movie, like an event that is frozen between something that has happened and is about to happen.

These are works that endure and keep on giving pleasure. Year after year, your eye still drifts to them and wanders around inside the painting, seeing new objects, new figures, new stories.”

Peter Morrison

The Naughty See Monkey Exhibition: Fractals, March 5 to April 4


The Naughty See Monkey, based in Melbourne, has been practicing art for over 40 years. His unique style is a culmination of his individual approach to creating, honed over many years. His work is distinctive, always recognisable as his, and has a joyful playfulness that reflects who he is. As unique as his name, Naughty is a treasure of Antipodean Art.

See Naughty's artwork at Urban Espresso, 99A St John St, Launceston, Tasmania through March 2021.

Selected Exhibitions:

2021  Glover prize finalist, Tasmanian Landscape award, Evandale, Tasmania.
“20 years of Old and New Art”, solo exhibition Gurutzia Gallery,     St Kilda, Melbourne
“Body Fractals” solo exhibition of new works, Marios Café Brunswick, Melbourne
2013 Nillumbik Art prize, Barn gallery Montsalvat, Eltham, Melbourne


Exhibition: Fractals, March 5 to April 4