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Kevin Lund - Biography

Kevin has lived in Tasmania for over twenty years. Having grown up in the Midwest in the United States and having graduated from the University of Northern Iowa, living in Tasmania was never part of his plan. Today, it is a place that regularly gives him a sense of wonder, and a place he calls home.

His work as an art teacher has consumed a large portion of his life. Although it is increasingly demanding, this work as a teacher is an important part of the development of his practice as an artist. However, in recent years, he has worked to carve out more time for his own daily art practice, a reprieve from the demands of school.

Kevin Lund ArtworkKevin Lund Abstract Artwork

As an art teacher, he has been motivated to have some kind of level of comfort across media. However, he has always been drawn to paint - the act of painting and has become more comfortable calling himself a painter. Working primarily with acrylic paint and inks on paper, Kevin's work deals with non-objective abstraction, a way to talk about things in a visual language. His work is intensely personal. Ideas are buried in the codes of abstraction. 

His painting teacher at university used to talk to her class about the art making process as a lifestyle more than a vocation. She spoke about art as a way of being - a pursuit that a person takes on in an effort to find his or her way through life. Her words have had an enormous impact on his life and his practice as both a teacher and an artist, but it has taken years to fully understand and follow her wisdom. Painting is many things, but for Kevin it is largely about spending time and being present and thinking and working through some kind of problem or space or idea. The act of making allows that the interior work to happen. That is where he has come to place value on his work.

Kevin Lund Abstract ArtworkAbstract No 2

A recent achievement, Kevin had an exhibition with Paul Bishop at Poimena Gallery in 2019. This was a significant step for him, sharing a large selection of his work with a wider audience. In 2020, he was part of the Image_Object exhibition, also at Poimena Gallery. He is also a finalist in tidal.20: City of Devonport Tasmanian Art Award.

Kevin Lund Exhibition