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Gabrielle White Exhibition
Gabrielle White "Recognisable Features"
Artist Statement:
My interest in art began with life drawing classes held at the Victorian Artists Society in East Melbourne back in the 80's. coupled with life modelling in clay with Malcolm Skipper at Montsalvat. I felt a need to obtain a formal education, so I began a Tafe course at Swinburne.
I moved to Tasmania 18 years ago, finished my diploma and began my BCA Degree, which I completed in 2006.
Many artists such as Joy Hester, Ian Fairweather, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Yvonne Audette have played a role influencing my direction in painting.
I have a continued interest in the body and its recognisable features and moods.
Music is an essential tool in my work.
Gabrielle White Paintings
Gabrielle White "Recognisable Features"
Gabrielle's Work will be featured at Urban Espresso until the end of August, 2021.
Gabrielle White Painting
Gabrielle White "Recognisable Features"