Featured Artist Angela Casey

Angela Casey at Urban Espresso

I am extremely pleased to have Angela's exceptional works on display at Urban Espresso. She is a leading light in contemporary art in Tasmania, and to my mind worth more attention than she currently garners. For any enquiries on purchasing these works please email nick@urban-espresso.com.au. I encourage ownership of a piece by Angela Casey, as they are of the highest quality materials and artistic integrity. Come and enjoy her work at Urban Espresso, 99A St John Street, Launceston, Tasmania. 
Nick Puklowski

As a literary genre, the Gothic is characterised by ominous settings and macabre environments exploring themes of fear, death and gloom with elements of intimacy and the picturesque; often dictating a particular time and historical period. Central to Tasmania’s cultural landscape, and presented in a new art form, the Gothic anchors the work of Launceston-born multi-media artist, Angela Casey, who depicts the melancholic shadow cast by socio-cultural histories and archive trends in witty yet confronting still life compositions; embracing the spiritualism, religion and science of the Victorian era.

In her works, objects are positioned against a velvety black background, in sharp contrast to their light accentuated form. The vast emptiness allowing the subject to hover; free from restraints or distraction, it demands our complete attention. For Casey, black is ‘the colour of silence, providing a quiet envelope for the contemplation of the narrative within a world of noise.’ Her play with light and dark mirror the Chiaroscuro techniques of 16th and 17th-century Dutch and Flemish painters, as well as Italian. In her Caravaggesque arrangements, Casey has managed to turn the spotlight on her subjects, allowing them to emerge from the shadows of the past, and give them new life.

– Melissa Pesa, Art Almanac, June, 2019.


Mirror - Pigment print on Canson Platine PaperMirror Pigment print on Canson Platine Paper

The Gleaner - Pigment print on Canson Platine Paper

 The Gleaner Pigment print on Canson Platine Paper


When This You See - Pigment print on Canson Platine PaperWhen This You See Pigment print on Canson Platine Paper

The grace of a flower is emulated and encapsulated within the sanctuary of a parlour dome. Time stands still as the tight buds remain in stasis, safe from the perils of truly being born or withering into dust. 


The Observers - Pigment print on Canson Platine Paper
The Observers Pigment print on Canson Platine Paper

The birds are calling the alarm, will we remain within our constructed protection and continue, or will we act on their call to attention?


The Unfurling - Time Based MediaThe Unfurling (Still) Time Based Media

Angela Casey’s works adopt the visual aesthetics and symbolism of Dutch Vanitas painting and Victorian era culture while exploring current global environmental and existential issues.

 Angela’s photographic still life images feature a combination of objects – some sourced from museums and private collections, others from disposable and recyclable popular culture.

The Unfurling  presents us with a powerful warning. Our insatiable hunger is hurtling us towards an increasingly dystopian world. Hedonism has run out of credit.

It is time for us to change the ending of this story.

(The Unfurling was originally shown as a three screen sequence).