Feature Artist Josef Bound

Artist's Statement

Van Sessions: Reflections from a vehicle I no longer travel in.

Reflections on these 'unprecedented' times. Based on and inspired by the events that dominate current dialogues, and self reflection on things that scare and confuse me, yet somehow I am fascinated by them. Balances of power are shifting, lines are being redrawn. Maybe it's forever, maybe it's just a flash in the pan. Everyone appears to be very well qualified to tell you what's going on, so why don't you ask them. I'm just an artist.

Launceston based visual artist.
            Socials – facebook.com/Jboundart

                         – @josefboundvisart

                         – bluethumb.com.au/josef-bound

All work is acrylic based with mixed media components. When will the worm turn?

'V1'  Acrylics + mixed media on canvas  140 x 65 cm

'V2'  Acrylics + mixed media on canvases  100 x 70cm

'V3'  Acrylics + mixed media on canvases  100 x 70cm

'V4'  Acrylics + mixed media on canvases  100 x 70cm

Works are on show at Urban Espresso, 99A St John Street, Launceston, TAS. Works are for sale. Please enquire by email: nick@urban-espresso.com.au