Welcome To Our New Blog

Welcome To Our New Blog

Update April 12, 2020

Firstly, I hope that everyone reading this is well and safely ensconced in their home, existing in isolation during this pandemic. Happy Easter!

My New Zealand friends and family are in full lock down, now ending their second week of four. NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Adern has been universally praised for her decisive actions which has seen NZ being in the top 3 safest places in the world during this pandemic. In contrast, POTUS Donald Trump claimed in a recent press conference that "It's a brilliant germ" and that it was outsmarting antibiotics, which is false. Covid-19 is a virus, not a germ. It's common knowledge that a virus cannot be killed by antibiotics.

Here in Tasmania we are in a semi state of lock down, with cafe's able to do take away and delivery, and some retail stores still open. We can still go to Bunnings for that essential tank of gas for the bbq! But we are also practising social distancing and being very careful to wash our hands regularly and only going out when necessary. I chose to close the store over the month of April, for the safety of my team, and safety for our customers. For my business this means we are still fulfilling internet orders for fresh roasted beans and now also fresh baking of 12 packs baked to order and delivered the next day within Launceston City limits.


Ricciarelli, Italian Orange and Vanilla Almond Macaroons. Gluten Free.


Laurie Rose, our Rockstar Baker is ready to make to order any of the tasty treats we have available for purchase, and we'll deliver the next day.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone for supporting us during these hard times. It was a very hard decision to temporarily close the store, but be assured we are surviving, and because we are getting internet orders we will be in the store roasting and fulfilling. If the Roasterbot is in, then the Coffeebot will be too! The door will be closed, but If you smell the beans roasting, then come on in and have a brew!

Take care of yourselves, Nick.


March 14, 2020

As I write this we are in the grips of a pandemic. Covid-19 has taken over the world news and everyone here in far away Tasmania are bracing for what could be a wave of infection. Currently there are 10 confirmed cases in Tasmania. The government has closed the borders so all inbound travellers will have to self isolate for two weeks. It's unprecedented and scary. Just last night 425 people died in Italy. Europe is a long way away, but as an isolated island state we have the opportunity to slow the curve of infection, and hopefully be spared the full impact of this deadly virus.

But there are good stories amongst the anxiety of our present situation. Just last week my coffee shop re-imagined itself to emerge, butterfly-like as Urban Espresso Roastery. Newly designed logo, signage and a fresh paint job has given the shop a fresh feel.

Urban Espresso Roastery Logo

To add to this new look is now a virtual  representation in the form of this website: www.urban-espresso.com.au. After many hours of cross Tasman communication with Micah Puklowski who created this website in brilliant fashion - navigation, look, feel and function are on point, and we're very happy with the result. Thanks to Micah from Levels Creative Services

Now you can order a coffee or more to be delivered locally within the CBD of Launceston, Tasmania. Order beans online for delivery anywhere in Australia. Take a master barista course to sharpen your home coffee making skills. We've entered the digital age in great fashion!

In further blogs I'll be going into the history of the venerable plant with its origins in Ethiopia discovered (purportedly) by shepherds who noticed goats going crazy and leaping around after feeding on these berries. We'll follow its spread from Africa to the rest of the world, to become over the centuries a major commodity, now currently only second to oil on the world market.

So be my guest and pull up a pew and have a brew. Take care and be vigilant about washing your hands and keeping a respectful distance from each other until this virus has (hopefully) been eradicated. 

Take care of one another, until next time, Nick.

Happy customers from Brisbane, Sydney and New Zealand.