Welcome to 2021!

Welcome to 2021!

Well its been a challenging year, but 2020 is now behind us. We celebrated the new year by acquiring a new espresso machine - an Expobar Raphael 2-head. An elegant workhorse that is creating a beautiful crema. It's the perfect machine to hi-light our freshly roasted beans.

Expobar Raphael espresso machineExpobar Raphael Espresso Machine 

The reason we down-sized from a three group machine to a two was to create more space on our counter, making it possible to add a pie warmer to the counter. We now offer hot savoury food to add to the sweet treats we already sell. This is a great addition and our customers are starting to respond to our "Launnie Cheese Rolls", a unique hot snack offer for only $4!

Cheese RollThe Legendary Launnie Cheese Roll

Along with our new additions we still offer local delivery of coffees to the CBD of Launceston. We've had made a really great video to show how easy it is to order online. The video shows a customer ordering coffees on her phone, us receiving the order and fulfilling it, and then the delivery of the coffees completing the process. Our thanks goes out to C&B Creative for their professional services. If you like what you see then check out www.candbcreative.com.au.  

Our video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/DBZ4dZm9VWU

Beautiful crema from the Expobar RaphaelBeautiful crema from the Expobar Raphael

Finally, we have a new contact number at Urban Espresso: Ph 0407 972 692. This is the shop phone number for inquiries about coffee deliveries, roasted beans and Barista training courses. The email remains coffee@urban-espresso.com.au

May this year be better than the previous, and that with the inauguration of President Biden in the USA the world can now breathe a collective sigh of relief. It seems so refreshing now to wake up and not hear about some crazy thing that Donald Trump has done overnight, with a sensible leader now in charge. Here in Tasmania we remain Covid free and are now welcoming visitors from the mainland. Tourism is starting to get back to normal and as I write this the weather is behaving with a balmy sunny day. We enter this year with a sense of hope that our economy will spring back, and that globally the Covid pandemic gets under control.

Take care, All the Best, Nick.