Post Isolation Ramblings

Post Isolation Ramblings

During the course of this pandemic there has been high anxiety and much concern about the safety of all our citizens. We closed our doors for a month from April 1 to April 28 in a response to the safety of our team and our customers.

Shopfront of Urban Espresso

Now we've emerged from this month of isolation and people in Launceston are tentatively exploring the beginnings of a normal existence. We're now open our normal hours and it's humbling to see our "pre-covid" regulars returning and showing their support of our conducting business under these circumstances.

We are following guidelines set by Work Safe to ensure social distancing, personal hygiene and clean surfaces are prioritised. We sanitise our counter and eftpos machine regularly. We can only allow 3 people in our store to comply with the 4 square meters per person rule. Please be mindful of this and treat each other, and my team, with respect. We've got this far and now it's important to maintain these standards of hygiene and personal distancing to ensure this virus doesn't return.

Saige is ready to deliver

It's during this time of re-emerging that our coffee delivery service is a really convenient and efficient way to keep caffeinated! Use our easy to navigate website to purchase your drinks  and we'll deliver to any premises within the central business district of Launceston. Between 8am and 12pm weekdays we've go you covered.

Take care and stay safe! I look forward to seeing more of our regulars as they start returning back to work.

Until next time, Nick.