Fulfilling dreams by fulfilling orders!

Saige with a local delivery

As Victoria records its highest number of Covid-19 cases since the start of this pandemic, here in Tasmania we watch and wait, borders closed, the Bass Straight cushioning us from the awful escalation unfolding in our nearest State. It's making us nervous, and somewhat guilty for not having any new cases in the last couple of months.

Thankfully we're able to trade and continue as near to normal as possible. The one big difference is the absence of interstate and international tourists. Thankfully, too, is that the locals are supporting local business, so hospitality continues to prosper as Launcestonians "spread the love".

Saige with an order ready to deliver 

As part of our response to the Covid-19 pandemic we have set up an online order system for coffees and treats with free delivery within the CBD of Launceston. Currently only available from 8:00 to 12:00 weekdays, we are finding that demand is warranting a review of our hrs, so we may be extending the delivery hrs to 3pm. Would you like that? Let us know by email or message us on facebook @urban.espresso.roastery 

As well as our online orders of coffees, we also provide roasted beans, which have been a life saver for many locals, and some further afield. While we had our doors closed our online orders took off for those self isolating, or working from home. A big thank you to all the locals who have ordered our beans, and who still continue to. We've really been overwhelmed by the support we've had with the online sales to locals.

A happy customer receiving her beans!

Another thing that's been growing is the purchase of green beans by the Ethiopian community. The Ethiopian beans are used in traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremonies. They are roasted and the brew is shared among the gathering, following traditional methods. I'm stoked to be able to provide an essential item to a community whom are very grateful to be able to access them.

This morning I was hosted by Michael Conlon on City Park Radio as the "Coffee Expert". I made a brew with Guatemalan beans in a plunger and we tasted that with a Portuguese Tart each. I talked about where the beans came from and Mike pontificated in appreciation - especially about the tarts! Guatemalan beans are roasted a bit longer than any other of our single origin beans, so they are darker and stronger. They have stone fruit, chocolate and caramel flavours, which are not to everyones taste, but for those who love a dark roast they are very satisfying.

I look forward to meeting more of our locals as Tasmanians move around our beautiful state while our borders are shut. Enjoy caffeine sensibly!

Nick P