Contributing to the Community

Contributing to the Community

Here at Urban Espresso one of our values is Community Spirit. What this equates to is by setting aside a portion of profit we contribute to various causes in the community. Sallys Ride is one that's coming up soon, and we also donate roasted beans to worthy charity auctions. Another way we engage with the community is by giving away vouchers of our friends in the CBD, more specifically in St Johns St, Launceston. Our current give-away on Facebook is a $100 gift voucher for Burger Junkie in St John St. This is a generous amount for a family of four to enjoy their burgers and sides. To enter the give-away simply purchase a coffee from our shop and sign up to our loyalty program. It's easy and fun!

Burger Junkie $100 voucher give-away

Another way we are helping the community is by offering green beans at a very reasonable price to our Ethiopian Community. The Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony is centuries old and still practiced today. The ceremony consists of roasting the beans in a large pan until they're a perfect brown and then ground as soon as they cool and made into a fresh brew that everyone participates in. I look forward to sharing this experience as it is a truly ancient ritual that has celebrated the bean native to Ethiopia. The green beans have become so popular that we often sell 10 kilos at a time! Consequently the orders from our coffee supplier for more wholesale beans are happening more regularly!

A 60kg sack of Ethiopian Arabica beansA 60 kilo sack of Ethiopian Arabica beans

As well as the above I'm personally involved with Community Radio. Urban Espresso is a sponsor of City Park Radio 103.6fm and available online, and I go in to talk coffee with Michael Conlon on his breakfast show once a month (every third Friday of the month). Because it's a community radio station we're required not to mention my business, but there is some insinuation of where I'm from, as Michael is masterful with his hints! All the same, it's a lot of fun as we share a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a treat, and discuss various beans and their characteristics. This week it was our House Blend, which is by far the most popular beans that we sell.

Nick serves up a brew for Michael Conlon at City Park RadioNick serves up a brew at City Park Radio

Another aspect of Community Spirit is collaboration. I have been privileged to have made an alliance with Cocoon Living Tea in George St, Launceston. Bruce Webb who owns the business has taken on our beans to sell in his tea shop. Likewise we have stocked his products of T2 teas in our store. It's a lovely symbiosis of two similar products being shared in two different stores. City Prom recognised this and made a video promoting the two stores: Drink with Cocoon Living Tea and Urban Espresso Roastery

I am also very happy to have our beans featured in Alps and Amici. Alps and Amici are the premium grocery store in East Launceston and it's a coup to be included in their store. They currently have a prominent display for our beans and I look forward to the growth that this exposure will gain us.

Valeria poses by the Urban Espresso display at Alps and AmiciOne of the lovely staff, Valeria, by our display at Alps and Amici.

These are a few of the ways we're engaging with the community, as well as spreading our brand across the region. It's still a tense time for us all in this world of continuing pandemic, but here in Tasmania we are surrounded by a large moat, the borders remain closed until December, and we are thankfully virtually clear of Covid 19. That cannot be said for Victoria and NSW, so we live in hope that they will get on top of things there. I was hoping for a bubble extension across the Tasman to New Zealand where my family lives, but alas that is not happening soon, as more cases have flared in NZ also. It's a crazy time to be alive, and I thank my lucky stars that myself, my wife Tracy, and our friends here in Tasmania are currently safe. I'd also like to thank our customers for continuing to support us and our endeavours to stay in business. The Shop Local message is certainly getting out there, and while our borders remained closed it's great to see the support there is for local business.

So from us all here at Urban Espresso - Nick, Malcolm and Saige, a big thank you!

Signing off,