A new transformation!

A new transformation!

This month we are going through another transformation in the pursuit of continual improvement. We often get customers asking for sandwiches or hot savoury food. We haven't been able to supply those with our current setup non-compliant for food handling. Being a small store means we can't offer cooked meals such as bacon and eggs etc, but with our new development we will be compliant to handle food and we will be able to supply a small range of lunch items.

We are getting a lovely new stainless steel bench put in with new cabinetry and an extra sink. At 3.7m long, it's quite a large piece of steel, complete with splash back and sealed sinks. This is all being produced this week as I write this and booked in for installation next weekend.

Benchtop planPlan for stainless steel bench top

Now we are in the planning stage of designing a new menu and deciding what the new offer will be. One product that I'm excited about are Cheese Rolls. These are a delicious savoury treat that will be unique to Launceston, so stay tuned for those!

We continue to trade as usual within this Covid-19 era. Tasmania is lucky to be separated from the mainland of Australia, as there are still cases of infection in Victoria. Tasmanians, in general, are very grateful for the closed borders. Even though it's kept out interstate and international tourists, the offshoot of that is a renewed zest in shopping local and exploring our own back yard. I know it's been tough for a number of tourism operators here, so I feel grateful that our business is still flourishing.

We continue to supply beans for retail sale in Alps and Amici and Tevallyn Grocer. The uptake has been encouraging and our aim is to get our products into more retail outlets throughout Tasmania.

Dan Alps with a bag of Urban Espresso roasted beans.
Dan Alps with a bag of Urban Espresso Roasted Beans

If you are a retailer in Tasmania that sells roasted beans as part of your inventory, then get in touch and we can discuss supplying our high quality small batch roasted coffee beans.

Nick: nick@urban-espresso.com.au