Urban Espresso Roastery

Well its been a challenging year, but 2020 is now behind us. We celebrated the new year by acquiring a new espresso machine - an Expobar Raphael 2-head.
We are getting a lovely new stainless steel bench put in with new cabinetry and an extra sink. At 3.7m long, it's quite a large piece of steel, complete with splash back and sealed sinks. This is all being produced this week as I write this and booked in for installation next weekend.
Now we've emerged from this month of isolation and people in Launceston are tentatively exploring the beginnings of a normal existence. We're now open our normal hours and it's humbling to see our "pre-covid" regulars returning and showing their support of our conducting business under these circumstances.
Firstly, I hope that everyone reading this is well and safely ensconced in their home, existing in isolation during this pandemic. Happy Easter! Laurie Rose, our Rockstar Baker is ready to make to order any of the tasty treats we have available for purchase, and we'll deliver the next day.

I chose to close the store over the month of April, for the safety of my team, and safety for our customers. For my business this means we are still fulfilling internet orders for fresh roasted beans and now also fresh baking of 12 packs baked to order and delivered the next day within Launceston City limits.